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About the Lambton Law Association

The Lambton Law Association was formed in 1904 in the City of Sarnia.  We incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act in 2004.

The Association has approximately 95 members who are lawyers in the County of Lambton and several out of county members, as well. Our Board of Directors meets 10 times each year to meet the mandate of the Association.

  The Association represents its members at all levels of government.  It promotes the interests and activities of its members.  It provides a forum for the discussion of issues of importance and interest to its members.  It organizes and promotes educational and professional development opportunities for members.  It organizes cultural, social and recreational activities for members and their guests.  It maintains and operates the Library and Practice Resource Centre for the use of lawyers who are members in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario.


We encourage the local bar to become members of the Association and benefit from the range of services offered, including our social events. 

Staff - Michelle Gerrits

Board of Directors

President - Joel Szaefer

Vice-President - Jennifer McLeod

Treasurer - Laurie Gardiner

Secretary -  Melissa MacRae


Greg Bernard

Alan Gorth

Bethany Howell

Randi Kalar

Olivia Nisbet

Anthony Petrucci

Carrie Simmons

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