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COVID-19 Updates

The Lambton Law Association is monitoring the COVID-19 novel coronavirus situation.

At this time the Lambton Law Library has returned to work in a hybrid model.


Below are some links I hope you find helpful.


I’ve included Twitter links because some information found there is useful to scroll through in the event I’ve missed something.  You don’t have to have Twitter to access the information.  It’s like a virtual bulletin board with the most recent information listed from top to bottom.

**While I attempt to keep the materials up-to-date, you are encouraged to visit the originating source webpage for accuracy and up-to-date information.

Federation of Ontario law Association COVID Information Page - here.

MAG Precautionary Measures for Re-opening Courts Guidebook

Justice Sector Update

Including OCJ, SCJ, Court of Appeal, Courthouse senior staff, OBA, LAO, LSO, FOLA and the Advocates' Society



Federal Court of Canada -  Notices Link for currency

Federal Court of Appeal of Canada - Notices Link for currency

 Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA)


Law Society of Ontario

  • Remote Commissioning

  • Emergency family law referral telephone line

    • An interim measure, with support from the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice, to provide assistance to people who are self-represented (SRLs) and who are trying to determine whether or not their family court matter meets the criteria to be heard by the Court on an “urgent” basis and, if so, how to proceed in making their request.


Note that LSO is not updating notices on the website under news so the twitter feed might be the best way to look at what they have announced.  It goes backwards from the current day and you can scroll through to read announcements by clicking on links or just reading the tweets.  You do not need Twitter to read the information in the links. For example the CPD notice and links to other resources are there.

Some of LSO’s on-demand CPD sessions are complimentary check LSO Store for details.  Examples below.

Office Policies for the Modern Work Environment

Conducting a Paperless Hearing in Family Law  

How to Use Technology to Improve Your Family Law Practice


Legal Aid Ontario

Legislation  Link to all Ontario Legislation regarding Covid19


Ministry of the Attorney General -  Link to MAG Notices



Ontario Court of Appeal


Ontario Court of Justice - Link to Notices (current)

      Latest Lambton notices

Ontario Superior Court of Justice






REGIONAL NOTICES - SOUTHWEST  - Filing Court Documents (March 1, 2021)



Supreme Court of Canada


Ontario Bar Association


Canadian Bar Association

PracticePro website


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