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Annual Lambton Law Membership Drive

January 2024

An invoice went out to Lambton lawyers in January to solicit payment for membership. If you did not receive an invoice from the Association, please contact Michelle Gerrits at  The cost for 2024 is $250.  Out-of-town counsel who are members with another county/district Association can arrange for a fee of $200.00 (reduced by the FOLA levy).  Payment can be made by cheque or e-transfer.


If you are reading this you are obviously aware that we have a website.  Browse the tabs and look around.  Let Michelle know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.  See below about the directory changes.

Lambton Law Association ID Cards

February 2024

I can issue an electronic version of your ID card for 2024.  Please contact me if you wish to have a card provided.  If you could provide a current photo that would be helpful.

Lambton Law Association Legal Directory

Ensure that the staff is made aware of your correct contact information to ensure that both the print and the electronic directories are correct.  Also let staff know your preference for directory information by practice area.

Lambton Library Catalogue

Lambton hosts its own library catalogue and circulation system at

There have been significant changes to the Law Society of Ontario catalogue on the InfoLocate platform.  You can locate information at all the courthouse libraries through the InfoLocate platform, as well as access the LSO CPD binders in PDF format.  If you are wanting to search PDFs for particular information AccessCLE is a more robust platform to search topically.

Library News

LIRN, the Legal Information Resource Network, is a subsidiary of the Law Society of Ontario and is to support the provision of law library services and programs.  LIRN as a corporation began its work in January of 2020. They hired a Managing Director in August of 2020 and have drafted a strategic plan for the network. See the LIRN website for more information. 

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